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Does the DPF/ Filter come with a Warranty?

YES, we warrant all our workmanship. Our warranty covers the correct cleaning of the DPF, guaranteeing that the DPF is returned to you in as near new condition. Our guarantee is backed up by our before and after test flow rates of your DPF/ Filter, and is recorded for all future references.

Our competitors must offer an extended warranty on their services due to the cutting, welding and cleaning processes they must perform. Unlike other sub-standard cleaning methods, we do not need to warrant the workmanship involved in dismantling the DPF/ Filter, as we do not have to cut it open in our cleaning processes. We do not have to administer ultra-heat treatment which can compromise the structural integrity of the internal filter.

As we have no control over how the DPF/ Filter is maintained, our warranty does not cover blockages to the DPF/ Filter after it is cleaned. Blockages can be as a result of poor/ incorrect maintenance schedule, incorrect use of vehicle, incorrect oil type used in vehicle, and undiagnosed maintenance issues such as cracked intake pipes etc. Please click here to see common faults that cause DPF/ Filter blockages.

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