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Have you got a blocked DPF? Have you been quoted the price of a small country to replace your DPF?

Exhaust Clean Australia provide the world’s best vehicular exhaust cleaning service thanks to our state of the art machines designed and patented in Italy. Our FLASHCLEAN Machines quickly and efficiently clean diesel particulate filters(DPF) SCR’s, DOC’s, Catalytic Converters and much more - without damaging the integrity of the filter. This revolutionary technology avoids the need to perform cutting, oven-baking or welding. Each filter completes a thorough pre clean inspection checking structural integrity of the filter core for signs of cracking, hot spots, melting and cell damage to ensure it is serviceable and will have a long lifespan – if it fails our pre clean testing processes we can supply a new aftermarket unit where possible. We can clean any shape and size DPF guaranteed.

We aim to work closely with our customers to ensure great savings, unprecedented levels of professionalism with guaranteed results. Where else can you get a DPF cleaned in as little as 25 minutes?* Our fast DPF cleaning turnaround times will have your DPF issues rectified and your vehicle back on the road quickly without the financial inconvenience of excessive down time, missed deadlines, towing costs, repair costs and a host of other negative consequences. Exhaust Clean Australia offer free DPF pick-up and delivery for the Greater Brisbane and Gold Coast areas! *conditions apply – call us for details.

Don’t replace your DPF, call us first.

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what we clean

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

Unlike the DOC, the diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a wall-flow filter consisting of a matrix of materials (a composite of cordierite, silicon carbide, or metal fibres) that traps any remaining soot that the DOC couldn’t oxidize. Wall-flow diesel particulate filters usually remove 85% or more of the soot, and under certain conditions can achieve soot removal efficiencies approaching 100%.

Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR or Adblue system)

The last component in the aftertreatment system is a flow through Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) catalyst which introduces Diesel Emissions Fluid (DEF) to the process. Diesel exhaust fluid is an aqueous urea solution made with 32.5% urea and 67.5% deionized water This fluid contributes to the further break down of nitrogen oxides that pass through to the SCR filter

Diesel Oxidising Catalyst (DOC)

The Diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) is the first device in the aftertreatment system in the exhaust system. DOC is a catalytic converter designed specifically for diesel engines to reduce Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrocarbons (HC) and Particulate Matter (PM) emissions. DOC's are simple, inexpensive and suitable for all types and applications of diesel engines

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation or EGR system is one part of several vehicle emission control systems. It reduces the amount of the nitrogen oxides (NOx) in exhaust gases. Nitrogen oxides are normally formed in the process of combustion and their formation increases dramatically at higher combustion temperatures (above 1600 °C or 2912 °F).


Cleaning the intercooler regularly will save you money in operating costs and prevent costly repairs in extreme circumstances and downtime in the long run.

Catalytic Convertors

A catalytic converter is a large filter situated in the exhaust system of petrol engines. Gases from the combustion cycle of a petrol engine enter the CATand flow over the catalyst.

Replacement Aftermarket DPF’s

In the event that your DPF is unserviceable and cannot be cleaned, Exhaust Clean Australia has stock of quality aftermarket and quality second hand replacement DPF units to suit.

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What We Offer

  • Fastest turn-around times guaranteed.
  • Specialised car, light commercial, heavy vehicle and machinery DPF cleaning
  • Before and after DPF flow pressure testing and imaging.
  • We offer warranty on all our workmanship. *Conditions apply - see Warranty Terms and conditions below.
  • Disposal of ash and soot in accordance with EPA requirements using best possible practices.
  • Aftermarket replacement DPF options for limited models

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